Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm in love...

with this thing. I LOVE brownies. Actually, I like just about anything with chocolate in it. What I don't love is cutting brownies. No joke, they usually end up turning out like this:

These are not mine, but they look exactly the same.  
So when I saw my new love in a cabinet at a friends house, I snatched it up and took it home to try out.  Here is what my brownies looked like after using the Perfect Brownie Pan Set:

Again, not my brownies, but pretty darn close. 
I didn't have a box of brownies so I had to make some from scratch, which turned out disastrous, but they were a delight to cut.  Throw a little vanilla ice cream and hot fudge and you couldn't even tell how bad they were.  

So now I just have to figure out how to make my friend forget that she ever lent this to me so I can keep it forever and ever.  


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hubby had the day off yesterday so we decided to rearrange the furniture. Actually, I decided to rearrange the furniture and roped Hubbs into helping... poor guy. He's a trooper. 

You know what happens when you do a house project, right? Everything gets thrown all over the place and, as my youngest daughter says, "It looks like we just moved in." She's right. 

Hubby is back at work today, so here is what I'll be working on today, all by myself...

Kind of disastrous, isn't it?  You'll notice that my kitchen was included in these pics.  I'm just going to pretend it looks that way because of the rearranging.  

Ok, I'm off to get started.  Wish me luck.  

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lead Me to the Cross

Thank you, Lord

... for taking great care and detail in the creation of me

... for dying on the cross for my sins and rising from the dead 

... for giving me a hope and a future

... for loving me far beyond what I deserve

I love this song.  I can't listen to it without crying.  It's a great reminder of what Christ did for us on the cross.  It's so easy to take it for granted - to make light of it or think it's just a story.  

My prayer is that we would daily be led to the cross, surrendering our will for His, living a life that reflects His light and love.  

Happy Easter.

Monday, April 18, 2011

comfy feet

This weekend, while visiting my family in NJ, I decided to go to The Walking Company. I'd heard about stores like this and was hoping for some relief. Three years ago, I had foot surgery and my foot has never been the same since.  Shortly after that surgery, I dropped a HEAVY suitcase on the other foot.  I've been in pretty consistent pain ever since. So, I thought I'd give it a try.  Worst case, they didn't work and I continue to live in pain.  Best case, hallelujah!  

The first thing you do, after pouring out your foot woes to the clerk, is step on to this foot pressure scan thing. It measures your pressure points and reveals the areas of concern.  It's pretty cool. After they check your scan, they choose the best orthotics for you (is it me or does the word "orthotics" make you think of old people?)   

After the scan, the clerk grabbed these, stuck them into a sneaker and handed it to me.  I stepped my foot into it and WOW ... that's all I can say. I had NO pain... none. I snatched 'em up and ran to the counter to pay for them. They were pricey, but it was worth it not to have any pain. Actually, my mom bought them for me as an early birthday present (but I would have bought them anyway). My only fear is that I won't take them off... ever.  I don't think Hubby will appreciate sneakers in bed, but I guess we'll find out.

I'm hoping these will encourage me to exercise and finally reach the fitness goals I set... back when I was going to turn 30.  Do you think I'm putting unrealistic expectations on a piece of high-end memory foam?  Nevermind.  Don't answer that.  

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pet Peeves

...just because I feel like sharing 'em (these are in no certain order):

1.  when people use the word "irregardless".  Several people I know and love use this word. It is not a word. Here is what has to say about it: an erroneous word that, etymologically, means the exact opposite of what it is used to express, attested in non-standard writing fromat least 1870s. It is considered nonstandard because of the two negative elements ir- and -less. It was probably formed on the analogy of such words as irrespective, irrelevant, and irreparable. Those who use it, including, on occasion, educated speakers, may do so from a desire to add emphasis.  

Is that it?  Do you use it to add emphasis?  I don't know.  

2.  when the toilet paper comes from underneath the roll.  It just doesn't feel right. 

3.  when people drive under the speed limit for no good reason... and even then, it'd better be a darn good reason. 

4.  spreading cold butter on soft bread... the two just do not go together!

5.  sheets that are tucked in at the bottom of the bed.  Let me out!

6.  when people blow their nose while I'm eating.  Gross.

7. when people talk on their cell phones while checking out at the store.  I don't actually know why this bothers me, it just does.  

8. people who walk through my yard like it's theirs.  Again, I don't know why it bothers me.  Maybe because it's my space and there are plenty of roads to walk on.  

Last summer, we were having dinner in our back yard and this teenage girl walks through our yard right next to where we were eating.  What if we were having an "eat dinner naked night", which I could do if I wanted to because it's MY yard.  That would have been very awkward. No, I have never done this.  I'm just sayin'

9.  selfishness - in any form

10. people who talk over another person.  I could be in the middle of a sentence and someone else just starts talking.  

11. people who complain or gossip all of the time.  It just brings the room down, ya know? 

12. people who makes lists of their pet peeves and post them on their blogs

There you go.  I didn't say they were rational.  But irregardless, they are what they are.  

Please, please, please share at least ONE of your pet peeves with me. I'm not the only one, right?  

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trade Justice Mission

At our church service this weekend, we had a guest speaker talk about Trade Justice Mission

TJM started working with sex trafficked teenage girls in the Philippines and widows with Aids in Zambia. These women bore the scars of exploitation, but their hearts burned for a better life even though dire poverty and cultural marginalization left them little hope of escape. As a result, TJM launched its Okoa Jewelry cooperatives in Asia, Indonesia, Africa, and the Philippines.  

TJM is a non-profit organization responding to God's call to break the chains of poverty binding the least and the lost. They partner with other NGOs to provide micro financing, training, marketing and long-term development opportunities for the world's most impoverished and marginalized. Their Okoa Jewelry line helps impoverished women form cooperatives that create beautiful jewelry. They then market the jewelry and return 100% of the profits to the women in the cooperatives. In doing so, the women build vibrant local economies that lift up their families and communities. Trade Justice Mission also works with organizations and socially/environmentally conscious consumers interested in learning how to make economic choices that lift up the impoverished.  (The name “Okoa” means “Restoration” in Swahili. The Okoa Jewelry line strives to restore justice, dignity, and hope through the artistry of beautiful jewelry.)  

They showed a video and it touched my heart.  To be able to do something for these women is a gift.  Here is that video: 

After service we got to look at some of the jewelry made by these women. Beautiful!  Here is what I got: 

My earrings were made in Tanzania.  This is what it says on the back of the card: 

You know how much I love my jewelry to have meaning.  Anytime I can find a reason to buy jewelry for a good cause, I jump at the opportunity!  I also love this bracelet: 

And these earrings: 

And this necklace: 

If you're interested in having them come speak at your church or organization, contact them or let me know and I'll put you in touch with Eric Rosenberg (the guy from the video you just watched.)  To see their website or purchase some jewelry of your own, click here.  They are based out of Granville Ohio, where they also work with sex trafficked girls from Columbus... yes, this is happening right now in your city!  I was shocked to hear this.  Sometimes I feel like I live in a bubble with no real idea of the evil in this world.  

I am currently praying about how I can further help TJM.  It's all volunteer based so I know there are opportunities to serve.  

Is there an organization that is near and dear to your heart? If so, what is it all about?   

Thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, April 10, 2011


So, I'm assuming since I haven't heard much from anyone on my last post (other than a "no comment" from a friend) that you didn't like my bathrobe. That's ok. You know, when you have a blog and you put your personal business out there, you run the risk of criticism and pain. I can handle with it *wink

I don't have much to say today.  I just wanted to show you the adorable paintings my girls did a couple of weeks ago.  They were bored so we went to JoAnn's and got some supplies.  This is what they did: 

I first had them draw what they wanted on paper.  Then they sketched it onto their canvas.  

Then the painting began! It was a lot of fun.  I was inspired to do my own... I haven't actually done it yet, but I'll get to it.  Here are the results: 

We hung them downstairs in their play room.  

I used these amazing things to hang them. LOVE them!  If you use them, make sure you buy the ones that hold the appropriate weight of your picture.  They come in different strengths.

I have a few more house projects in the works.  Actually, they're more like decorating projects.  The inside of my house is very taupe and burgundy right now.  I need to inject some color.  I'm learning that color makes me very happy!    

What projects are you working on right now?  


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Bathrobe

Did you ever have one piece of clothing that you loved so much you thought, "If I were going to be stranded on an island and could only take one article of clothing with me, it would be...."? I experience that every night I get my pajamas on and slip into my bathrobe. I have been looking for a bathrobe like this for a long time. It's comfortable and WARM. It's like a big blanket with armholes and a zipper. 

My husband is very laid back. But there are a few things he has opinions on and when he chooses to express them, I know I should take notice. One of his preferences is my sleep wear. The only thing he has an opinion about is not wearing nightgowns. I'm not talking cute, little, spaghetti strap nightgowns. I'm talking button up, big color, puffy sleeves, flannel nightgowns. Honestly, I would prefer something like that to my pj bottoms and t-shirts I wear now, but I do love my husband and don't want to totally make him cringe at the sight of my evening wear. 

I know you're dying to see it now, so here it is:

What do you think?  Is it that bad?  My husband does NOT like it.  I tease him and call it my Sexy Robe because it does the exact opposite of attracting attention from him.  The only kind of attention I get in this thing is a head nod of disapproval.  It's all in good fun.  However, I do know that I'd be pushing it if I came out of the bedroom in something like this:

But come on, can you blame a guy?  This is hideous.  (I apologize if you own something that looks remotely like this.)  But it does put things in perspective, right SWEETIE?  It could be worse!  It could be this: 

Or this...

Or this...

Now I would wear this, if only it passed the Husband Approval Rating...

...but it doesn't. 

So, it looks like I'm stuck with Sexy Robe and my pajama's that look a lot like this: 

I know, pretty hot, right?  Sometimes comfort does beat out style... that's just the truth of it.  


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