About Me

welcome to my blog.  here you may find some recipes, daily ramblings of my life as a stay-at-home mom, cleaning tips, and anything else I feel like sharing in a given day.  thanks for stopping by!  

 here are a few random things about me:
  • my name is heather
  • i am married
  • i have two daughters
  • i am the oldest of five children
  • i have four brothers :: one of them is in heaven after losing his battle with cancer
  • i love Jesus
  • i love my church
  • i am addicted to coffee and love it even more in the company of a good friend
  • i was abused as a child and want to see others healed from the effects of abuse
  • my favorite color is teal
  • i really dislike hearing people chew food
  • i would go to a movie every week if my budget allowed :: i love movies
  • i love thrifting
  • i don't like to cook :: i wish i did
  • i am organized
  • i love to read
  • i've never been out of the country
  • i want to take a graphic design course
  • i don't enjoy exercising but recognize my need for it
  • i like sweets... see note above
  • my favorite season is fall
  • i'm from new jersey
  • i love ohio
  • i used to homeschool my children :: now they are in public school and we love it
  • i have a hard time sticking to a schedule
  • i love going to Target :: they have a Starbucks, which makes it even better
  • i dislike mushrooms and asparagus 
  • i use doterra essential oils every day 


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