Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween is this week and my kids have been getting their costumes ready.  My girls are 10 & 11 and I wasn't sure if they'd still want to go trick-or-treating.  I don’t know when kids start thinking they are too cool to dress up and ask for candy. But once again, the desire for candy won out… shocker!   

This past year we've been working towards a healthier lifestyle. One of the ways we've been doing that is by eliminating processed foods and reducing our sugar intake. So Halloween causes a dilemma for me: do I go with the flow of the sugary celebration or do I stick with what we've been working hard to accomplish all year?  

I've decided to compromise.  I'm going to allow my girls to keep a few of their favorite pieces of candy and sell the rest.  Our dentist, along with several others in our area, is doing a candy buy back. They'll pay kids $1 per pound of candy.  I love this idea!  $1 may not seem like a lot of candy, but our dentist office is within walking distance of a Dollar Tree.  Jackpot!  As for what we'll hand out on Halloween, I haven't totally decided (yes, I realize it's only 3 days away).  I found this on FB and love some of the ideas this Mama is recommending.

Whatever you choose to do, make some great memories!  The time goes to fast.    

Enjoy your Halloween!  


PS - A couple of years ago I wrote a post about our thoughts about celebrating Halloween - should we or shouldn't we... Check it out here.    


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