Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine's Gift

I shared with you the other day that my vacuum broke and joked about getting a vacuum for Valentine's Day.  I can tell you, we did not. Instead, we went out to the movies, dinner, and stopped by Anthropologie to look around.  I almost bought this cup because I have a thing for coffee and tea cups and I love the color: 

It's $10 and comes in 4 different colors. Love it!

It was a much needed date and so much fun!  My husband is a great guy.  He's so much fun to be with and makes me laugh like no one else. I'm blessed. 

But, that's not why I'm writing.  I just wanted to show you what Hubby got for me.  I forgot that I told him about this necklace I wanted.  I did tell him a while ago, after all.  So, I was very surprised when I received it. Here's what it looks like:  

I LOVE this necklace!  It's from The Rusted Chain.  

I've ordered several things from this shop, including this necklace: 

I've ordered gifts for friends and family from this shop and will continue to do so.  All of the jewelry that I wear has to have a purpose.  I think I only have one necklace that I have just because it matches a shirt I own. Everything else has a story or a sentimental meaning to it.  These necklaces make a statement and share my faith.  Love 'em!

So, I just felt the need to tell you that I did not get a vacuum for Valentine's Day (oh, darn) and to invite you over if you want to come and vacuum my house.  

What did you do for Valentine's Day?  Did you get a gift?  



  1. HA! I love all the color. One of my favorite shops is http://www.etsy.com/shop/eagerhands?ref=top_trail, Eagerhands. She also has a blog I love reading.

    I hope things are looking up for you.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you! :)
    Smart hubby you have...



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