Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Blogiversary

I knew that I was coming up on a year but I wasn't sure exactly when I started blogging. It was a year on March 20th! I can't honestly say I've blogged regularly but, I have faithfully attempted blogging for a year... does that count? 

Here is my very first blog post. It's fun to read through and see what I actually did. I'm glad to say I can cross some of those things off my list. Others, well, I'll be working on them until I die. 

In honor of my blogiversary, I want to give you a list of the blogs I read regularly. These blogs have inspired me in one way or another in my life and blogging journey.  Whether it be decorating my home, making me smile when I feel like screaming, inspiring culinary creativity, challenging me to be a better mom, wife and mother, or just stalking peeking into someone else's life, I repeatedly return to these blogs.

Here you go: Enjoy!

I think that's a good list so far.  I guess I read more blogs than I thought because I have several more that I have not listed.  

Ok.  Your turn.  What are some of your favorite blogs? I try to keep my blog list short or my to-do list suffers but I'm always open to checking out a new blog.

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Happy Blogiversary!

    I let mine go by (and my actual anniversary) without even saying anything about it. You're a much better blogger than me. :)

    Here's to many more years! (and thanks for the shout-out) LOVE Ya!

  2. Here is my blog if you want to add one to your list ;) http://www.trillianstales.blogspot.com/



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