Saturday, March 20, 2010

Let me explain...

First, I want to say something right off the bat. I use the term "Disciplined Mom" loosely. This is more like a dream I wish to turn into a reality. I must admit, I am the mom who often runs around like a chicken with its head cut off. I am generally organized, but when it comes to my household, it's not even something I can call organized chaos. It's just chaos.

I am the mom who sometimes has to dig through the fridge to find the origin of a suspicious smell that has taken over the kitchen. I am the mom that usually puts off thinking about dinner until 5:15 p.m. and then comes up with the brilliant idea of breakfast for dinner. I am the mom that sometimes shoves a piece of gum in my kids' mouths on the way to school in lieu of brushing teeth (oh, come one. Am I really the only parent who's done that?!) But I'm also the mom who loves her kids fiercely and would move heaven and earth to protect them. I am the wife that strives to be the best I can be for my husband. I want to have and provide the best life I can for my family. Hence, the reason for this blog.

Sooo, this blog. Why am I starting it? What do I hope to accomplish with it? Good questions! This is what I've come up with. I was thinking that there are many other moms out there who want to try things they've never tried, or attempt things they think they may not be good at but want to try anyway. I am that mom, too. So why not try it out together?

Below is a list of things I'd like to try over the next few months (which I already know will turn into a year - but that's ok). If you're interested in any of these things, let's muddle through it together. Share advice. Share failures. Share successes. Sound good? Here it goes:

1. Plant a garden this spring. I tried a few years ago but didn't follow through. The rabbits ate well that summer :)

2. Make my own cleaning supplies. Not only is it cheaper but it's healthier for you.

3. Make food from scratch.

4. Exercise regularly.

5. Meal Plan.

6. Try a Neti Pot. Come on, aren't you the least bit curious?

7. Play with my kids more.

8. Be more patient with my husband and kids.

9. Be more disciplined... in everything.

10. Keep this blog updated :)

Some of these things may seem like "been there, done that" to you but I'm just getting started. Feel free to share what you're hoping to accomplish. Share your experiences, recipes, advice, etc. I love to talk (and to listen). I love giving and getting advice. So share!

I'll keep you posted as I try the things on this list.

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  1. YAY!!!! I can't wait to see more from you here in this arena. I'll be right there along side you as your 'few months' becomes 'a year'. :) Congrats for finally taking the first step!



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