Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have been BUSY! Hubby is home on Spring Break this week. Normally, we would go to a beach somewhere and party our brains out.  But this year we decided to stay home and get some home improvement projects done... I am not serious! We are the most boring people on the planet. Our idea of a fun night? RENTING A MOVIE, GETTING DINNER IN, AND SNUGGLING ON THE COUCH. Boring, right?  We do love it though. We're homebodies. There's no way around it. I've just come to accept it.  We are old 34-year-olds.   

I was, however, serious about the home improvement projects. Here is what my house looks like right now:

We are in the process of painting and repairing. I didn't show a picture of the bathroom we're also working on. When we decide to do something, we really DO it. Last week, I painted our dining room. It must be the warm weather. Whatever it is, I've got the bug. 

On top of that, I agreed to host Easter dinner at our house. I don't know what I was thinking. Do you think people would mind eating on the front porch? :) Although, it does give us a time line. One of the things we're good at is starting something and finishing it 3 YEARS LATER! Not this year. No, Sir. We are going to have it finished by Sunday. 

I'll keep you posted. 


Update on Weight Watchers: I'm still going strong! I lost almost 10 pounds and I'm still loving it! Ya-hoo! 


After all of the painting and repairing, I've got to do some spring cleaning. I am not looking forward to that. I am a little nervous to find out what now resides under my fridge and behind my stove. Yikes. 

I found this list from Martha Stewart that I may try and tackle (it's even got printable lists).  I don't know. Long days of painting + Martha Stewart organization may just throw me over the edge. I'll end up moving our family into a tent in the backyard for the rest of our lives. 


If you're interested to see what color I'm painting the kitchen, here you go:

The picture doesn't do it justice.  And the color name isn't listed.
It's Valspar Maple Cream #3003-4B.   
We're doing the bathroom this color: 

This is Caribbean Green by Olympic.
The color looks a little darker in the picture.  
As I'm looking at the colors in these pictures, I realize that they don't look so good and you probably think I'm nuts for choosing them.  They are much nicer in person... I hope.  I'll give you my final opinion when the colors are up on the wall.  

In the kitchen, we're going to use this on of the walls: 

It's texturized and paintable wallpaper.  The wall is not in the greatest shape and I've always wanted to use this kind of wallpaper.  I just love the look of it.  Again, I may not feel the same once it's on the wall.  I'll let you know.  

Well, I'd better get back to work.  If I don't return before Easter, have a great holiday!  

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