Friday, January 13, 2012

Some of my favorite pics from 2011

Hello there!  I will skip the part about me not writing for 6 months and my list of reasons why I have not and get right down to it.  I was looking through some pictures from 2011 (and maybe a few from 2010) and thought I'd put them out there for your viewing pleasure.  


I have no explanation for this picture.  

Or this one...

Ummm, nope.

Christmas hat from Grammy and Poppy.  She rarely takes it off.
It's about to become a health hazard.  

The girls got a beautiful keyboard from Grandma this Christmas.  

This precious girl is my niece.  She's one part of a two part set.

This little rascal is part two.  This is his general expression.  

Fall fun!  

A friends dog, Lilly. 

Happy Birthday!  

I took this picture because at that moment 
it hit me just how fast she's growing up.  

Sisterly love

As often as they bicker they both know they couldn't live without the other.

Emma, with her straight hair, decided to try curly.  So cute!

My newest addition.  It only adds to my addiction.
I am married to an enabler.

My brilliant idea to let my girls try coffee, thinking it would deter them from it.
I was wrong. 

They loved the coffee.  They are not allowed to drink it.
We compromise with hot cocoa.

Emma wanted a sock monkey for Christmas.  Personally, they creep me out.
But she's in love so now Bob has become part of family, much to my dismay.  

My christmas present - a drawer for my K-cups.  Awesome!

Christmas mess!

See?  I told you.  Ugh. 

My husband was obsessed with goofy grins 
and questionable sweater choices this year.
I don't know.  I didn't ask. 

Bob.  Ugh.  

This is the only way Avery would let me snap a picture of her.  

I told you.  He even got our church family involved.
Yes, this picture was taken AT OUR CHRISTMAS SERVICE!

Farkle!!  I LOVE this game.  Our family in Texas got us addicted to it.
If you've never played, go out and buy it right now!

Jeff turned 34 this year.
Apparently the candles were a bit overwhelming for his aging eye sight.  

I look forward to blogging a bit more this year.  It's a struggle because I think that there are so many great blogs out there, why bother writing one.  But I guess I need some kind of outlet for the things rattling around in my brain.  

Thanks for stopping by,

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  1. I'm SOO out of the blogging loop! I had no idea you started back to blogging. I'm glad to see you back. I've been very absent from reading and only sorta back to posting. Ummmm...I like Jeff's sweatshirt...or something like that :) Until next time....



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