Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coffee, Calories, Stoves and Such...

What a weekend!! I attend a church with an amazing Pastor. She, yes, I said SHE, spoke at a women's conference over the weekend. It was fantastic! God has done some amazing things in my life this weekend. I'm still praying through some of these things but I will share them soon.

Hubby and I went on a date today. Actually, we had the time set aside to go shopping for an oven, but you know how it is when you have time alone without the kids. You have to work in some time for lunch, coffee, and catching up on all the things you haven't gotten to say to each other over the week. We had a fantastic time. I feel like we haven't talked in ages and it was so nice to look him in the eyes and have a conversation without interruptions. 

We ate at Olive Garden. I got Bruschetta, soup and salad. As Jeff was looking through the menu he said, "I don't like that they put the calories on the menu! Now I can't eat any of this stuff." *sigh* Ignorance sometimes really is bliss. The Chicken Fettucini Alfredo is 1440 calories. What?! That's more than I'm supposed to eat in a day! So, we talked it out and found a justifiable way for him to eat his meal - split it in half. Eat half now and the other half for lunch tomorrow. See? Problem solved. That was enough justification for him. He dug into his meal and enjoyed every bite of it. 1440 calories. Yikes. It kind of makes me wonder how many calories are in the other foods I eat. I probably should check into that...

Anyway, onto more exciting news, WE FOUND AN OVEN!! We went to my favorite store, Lowe's, and there it sat, in all it's gleaming glory. Really, it's just an oven but I have to make it sound more interesting than it is because I'm blogging about it. Although, there is this "steam clean" feature. You put a bit of water on the bottom of the oven (which you can do because it's a convection oven and the coils are hidden), turn on the self-clean, go back half an hour later and wipe it clean. It steam cleans! How cool is that?! Now if I could only get it to do carpets.

Here is a picture of our new household appliance:

Wow. What an amazing piece of machinery, huh? Fantastic. I can't wait to use my mad culinary skills and feed my family using this beauty. Again, it's a blog thing. There's nothing truly amazing about this oven, but it works and we can bake food in it.  That's a far cry from where we are now. 

So, tomorrow I'll be pulling out my cookbooks and reminding myself how to cook in something other than a toaster oven.  I love Pioneer Woman's Blog.  She makes me feel like I can do anything in the kitchen.  I think I'll try these recipes: 

My Favorite Meatloaf - this one is covered in bacon.  Hubbs will LOVE it... maybe I should check the calories for him first *wink*  
Tiramisu - I've actually made this before.  Delicious!!  Time consuming, but worth it! If I can do it, you can do it.

What is your favorite tried and true recipe?  You know, the one you use for company along with the good dishes and fancy silverware...

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  1. YAY!!! So happy about your oven. And a CONVECTION oven at that??? WOW! You're my hero. We'll be coming to your house to bake our bread now. :)
    Nice to have a date night with Jeff too. FUN!



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