Friday, February 11, 2011

I think I'm Gonna Cry Now

I'm sitting here at my computer looking around me.  What do I see? Dust.  Crumbs.  Cereal.  Papers.  I'm reviewing my to-do list in my head, calculating the time it will take me to complete it, and fighting the temptation to rip up the list, sit on the couch, and watch a movie while eating ice cream right out of the carton.  

Let me explain how this all started.  It was last Thursday evening, to be exact.  I was at a friend's house, all my cookbooks and recipes in tow. We were going to have dinner together and do some meal planning so our families could eat.  I left a frozen pizza at home for my hubby and kids to eat (I know, not gourmet but they like it.)  I'm about to sit down to eat and my cell phone rings.  

I hear my husband say, "Our oven isn't preheating."  I couldn't possibly have heard him right.  I LOVE my oven.  It's nothing spectacular, but it's mine and I have bonded with it.  I say, "What?"  Much to my dismay, he repeats himself, louder this time, mistaking my "What?" response as the inability to hear him instead of disbelief and grief over what I'm hearing.  "OUR OVEN IS NOT PREHEATING!"   I take him through all of my oven repair expertise (um, yeah) and realize that he has done everything I can think of to get it working.  I sigh and say, "I guess you can try and use the toaster oven."  Thinking I've come up with a good solution, I'm about to hang up.  I hear him say, "I already tried that. The toaster oven isn't working either."  *sigh*  This has got to be a weird dream where all of my appliances plot against me and stop working.  I suggest sandwiches and hang up before he can tell me the refrigerator has died too.

Can I tell you about what happened earlier that day?  I get to work, ready to tackle my long list of things to do.  I push power on my computer... nothing happens.  "No, no, no, this can't be happening!  I just saved a document on there that took my two and a half hours to create!" I push the power button again, while praying.  Nothing.  I get down on the floor, pull the tower out of the desk and start unplugging, counting, re-plugging, and push the power button.  Nothing.  I lay my hands on the computer, start praying for healing (desperation, my friends).  Nothing.  After more praying and some controlled breathing, I give up and say goodbye to the computer, as it's hauled out of the office to Best Buy for repair.  I continue to pray.

Today, finally getting around to cleaning my house that desperately needs cleaning, I turn my vacuum on and start pushing it around. Nothing is sucking up.  "No.  Not you too."  I open the door and adjust the bag - yes, a bag. It's old.  I close the door and push power.  Still nothing.  I try the detachable arm.  Nope.  I skip the controlled breathing and prayer and leave the vacuum in the middle of my bedroom to text my husband and tell him the good news.  I know he'll be as happy as I am.   

I have a feeling that Hubby and I will be going shopping for vacuums for Valentine's Day.   

I am not a researcher of household items.  I like to start with what people I know are using.  SO, what kind of vacuum do you use, and would you recommend it for my Valentine's Day gift?  

Your Frazzled Friend,


  1. Sorry to hear about your oven, toaster over, computer, and vacuum! However, I have a great suggestion for a vacuum cleaner. Jeff & I bought a new one last year and we both LOVE it! It is a Kenmore canister. I think this is it: I love love love the canister; I never had one before, always an upright. The canister is so great to sweep under couches, beds, the stairs...just about everything! Can't wait to hear what you get as a valentine's day present :)

  2. I love your writing. I'm sorry about your horrible, rotten, no good, very bad day! We have an old bag vacuum if you need one in the interim.

  3. What a terrible day. I have to say you made me laugh that you prayed for healing for your computer. That is pretty awesome. Here is the vacuum we have: I like it :)It is a hoover elite

  4. I've just found your blog from Amanda's - I'm sorry you have had such a tough day!
    I pray for my office equipment all the time! [because it breaks and drives me crazy all the time].

    I was going to suggest a VAX cleaner but a quick look on suggests you might not have it in the US. Dysons are amazing, but just a big investment in the beginning.

    I hope you sort something out :)

  5. What a hard day! Praying that it is just an inexpensive heating coil in the oven, a simple fix or replacement for the toaster oven. My brother in law has literally just laid hands on my computer and it has started working again - sometimes all he has to do is walk in the room. Praying that's the case for you! I got a $100 Hoover from Walmart last year and love it. It's blue and uses a bag (I think it was on sale for $70).



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