Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hi, All. It's Thursday, as if you didn't know, but the great thing about this Thursday is that it's 65 degrees here in Ohio! That is great news for us. We've had months of snow and ice. It was time for a good thaw. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it was 65 degrees until I stepped outside at 2:45 this afternoon. But, I have a few more hours until the sun goes down and the temperature becomes chilly once again. 

I'm sure you didn't stop by to read about the weather in Ohio. I'm rushing off to a meeting for the Children's Ministry Program at our church. But, I wanted to share my new adventure with you - doTERRA Essential Oils. They have changed my life! Click here to read a little about them. It took a lot of restraint not to write 10 pages about these amazing oils. Even if you're not into essential oils, read it anyway. There are a few interesting things about what the government allows us to put on our bodies. 

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