Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bird Update - Because You're Dying to Know...

A couple of weeks ago, I found a bird nest on my patio.  Two weeks later, they hatched.  I checked on them yesterday, and this is what they look like: 

He does not look happy to see me.   

As you can see, I had to get pretty close to take this picture.  I was balanced on the arms of a patio chair, arm reaching high, snapping pictures.  I know, I know, a ladder would have been safer, but the chair was right there.  

After about the fifth picture, the bird let out a tweety-scream and flew right out of the nest!  I think he was as shocked as I was.

Mama Bird immediately appeared and they began tweeting to each other in high pitched tones.  I thought Mama B was going to attack me.  I got off the chair, walked to the door, and watched Baby Bird hop-fly around.  I was horrified!  I thought for sure a cat would come along and eat him up.  He didn't know how to fly yet!  

I kept checking on him, for hours, as he hopped around the yard.  He'd fly for a second and land back on the ground.  Later that day, he still was not in the nest (I say he like I really know.  I don't.  I didn't check.  I wouldn't know how if I wanted to).

This morning, much to my relief, I saw Baby Bird up in the nest with the other babies.  Phew!  He didn't get eaten.  And apparently he learned how to fly!  I didn't mean to force the flying thing.  I like to think of it more as "providing the opportunity for a teachable moment between Mama B and Baby Bird."  I'm just glad he wasn't eaten.  

Here is the progression from eggs to feathers:

April 23rd

May 6th 

May 10th 

It's amazing how quickly they grow!  I'm sure the nest will be empty in a few days, so this may be the last of the bird chronicles for this year.  I know, don't cry.  You'll fill your days up with other meaningful stories from other meaningful blogs.  

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