Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was sweet.  Although, it WAS a Mother's Day.  My oldest daughter developed a fever on Saturday, kept it into Sunday and is staying home from school today.  So I was up with her throughout the night on Saturday night and early Sunday morning.  She was vomiting a bit, coughing like crazy, and other things I will spare you from reading.  

Once I got her settled early on Sunday morning, I got to stay in bed for a while, reading and drinking coffee, while Daddy took care of the house.  Then everyone piled onto our bed, even our Sickie, and I opened my presents.  I got adorable cards from my girls.  But one of the most special gifts I got was from my husband.  He wrote me a letter and bought me something I LOVE.  

I want to share the letter with you because it was special to me, but also because it's an encouragement.  Our husbands see what we do, even when they don't verbalize it.  Hubby is a very good encourager, but to see it all laid out in a letter was a blessing.  Here's what he wrote: 

May 9th, 2010

Mother's Day

Remarkable.  Visionary.  Inspiring. 

These are the words that describe the Mother that you are and have always been.  It astounds me how natural being a Mother is to you.  You know what to do in the face of a challenge, and you have a vision and can reason situations out to see how reactions now can have an impact on the tomorrow.  You have the ability to give consequences while still being compassionate.  They realize that even though they are being punished, it's for their actions and not for who they are. 

You genuinely love your daughters and enjoy being around them.  You find joy in their silliest moments. You hurt when they hurt.  You're proud when they are proud of their accomplishments.  You always want them to understand that their lives matter greatly in your life, and that without them you wouldn't be the same person.  Your goal is to instill in your daughters the definition of being a woman of confidence and a woman of God.  A woman of confidence in how God made her. 

I know few Mothers who are so invested in the lives of their daughters in a healthy way.  (My husband is a fourth grade teacher) It is an amazing thing to see.  You love Motherhood, even when it requires a lack of sleep, a change in plans, or some paint on the car.  Daily, you take things as they come and handle them with grace.  

Genuine.  Intelligent.  Selfless. 

These are the words that describe the Mother that you are and have always been.  It astounds me how natural being a Mother is to you. 

I consider it a true Blessing that the Lord has allowed me to watch as you go on this journey. 

I love you. 


This letter means a lot to me because these are some of the things I want to instill in our children.  I'm glad that he sees these things and has confidence in the Mother of his children.  

He also bought me this: 

Willow Tree Angel: Surrounded by Love

Hubby said that he chose this one because they all love me so much.  I am surrounded by their love.  

I hope you had a great Mother's Day.  Remember that what you do is important, even when you think no one else notices.    

What did your family do for you this Mother's Day?  

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  1. Heather, I got tear-y just reading that letter. He is a very good man, I am glad that I know you both. What a GODly couple in raising your daughters.



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