Thursday, May 20, 2010

30-day Fitness Challenge - Day Twenty-Nine

Fitness Fact of the Day is taken from

Fitness Fact of the Day: Exercise Boosts Performance

After a few weeks of consistent exercise, you may feel your clothes fitting differently and see that your muscle tone has improved, Atkinson says.

You may also notice your newly pumped-up muscles in other ways, especially if you're a recreational golfer or tennis player, or like a friendly game of pick-up basketball, says Atkinson. (or picking up your children, laundry, gardening, etc)  Exercising consistently will strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility, and improve your overall performance.

"Your muscles will work much more efficiently and you'll gain a greater sense of endurance," says Bryant. In addition, he says, your reaction time and balance will improve.

One of the biggest things I notice with regular exercise is that I don't run out of breath while walking up the stairs.  I have more endurance.  It now takes 5 minutes to run out of breath instead of 30 seconds.  

How about you?  Do you notice anything different about your stamina or performance in other activities in your life?  


  1. I only notice that I don't get as winded when I do my videos. I'm not noticing anything with my clothes. :(

  2. I haven't noticed anything with my clothes either. I have noticed an increase in my sugar consumption though...not good. I'm sure once I lighten up on the sweets I'll see more in the clothing.



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