Tuesday, May 18, 2010

30-day Fitness Challenge - Day Twenty-Seven

4 days and counting! 

I've been thinking over the past couple of weeks about what I want my next healthy habit to be. I'm tossing around the idea of portion control. What would it look like if we only ate the serving sizes listed on the box or recipe of what you make? Or what if we started counting calories? Ick! Thinking about that gives me hives. Moving on. What about giving up one of your road blocks? Mine would be sugary snacks or treats. Heck, who am I kidding. It would be white sugar altogether. I like sugar in my drinks, in my food, intravenously. I'm currently looking into healthy sweetener alternatives. (More on that to come). Notice I said "alternatives" and not "substitutes".  There's a difference. Again, more on that to come. 

Be thinking about what you want your next step to be. You don't want to come this far to quit and start from square one. 

What will your next step be? Share with the masses... um, I mean, with the 5 people who read my blog... 

And just for consistency, here's your tip of the day taken from webmd.com:

Fitness Fact of the Day: Exercise Lets You Eat More

Pound for pound, muscle burns more calories at rest than body fat. So the more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate. And, of course, you also burn calories while you're actually exercising.

All this means that "cheating" with a cookie once in a while isn't going to take you back 10 steps. "Can you eat anything? No," says Atkinson. "But you can afford to enjoy some of the things you really like when you exercise regularly. You can better get away with those things in moderation than you can when you're not working out."

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  1. I'm thinking of adding a second exercise into my schedule. I walk (either at the park or to a video) every day now, and I feel like I'd like to do some 'shaping' of my core. AKA drop a size or two. I know that comes with the perfect mix of diet and exercise, but for now, I'm going to continue on the exercise train. I'm going to add a palates video three days a week. It's not much, but it should help a little. I'll tackle diet later. MUCH later. :)



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