Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nasty Neti

Well, I tackled one thing from my list of things I'd like to do. I used a Neti Pot for the first time last night. I debated taking pictures, as many blogs do, but decided that there probably were very few people who would actually want to see those images, and those that do would not be looking at my blog anyway.

I stopped off at CVS before meeting a friend for coffee. I grabbed my Neti Pot, paid the $12.00 and headed out. Later that night, I grabbed my CVS bag and headed for the bathroom. Of course, being the responsible woman that I am, read all of the directions and proceeded to make the mixture that I would soon be shoving up my nose.

Away I went. I stuck the end of the Neti Pot into my nostril to make a tight fit, as the directions said. I did not find this part too comfortable. My husband describes it as, "shoving a gorilla finger up your nose." How he knows that, I have no clue. But if I had to imagine what a gorilla finger up the nose felt like, the Neti Pot would be it. The directions said to tip your head to the side and make sure your forehead was leaning forward farther than your chin...I agree. The second it's not, you'll know it and quickly move your head to the correct position. Before I knew it, things I never knew existed up my nose started pouring out... well, it was a combination of trickling and pouring really. My nose was pretty clogged, so this didn't allow the solution to flow too freely through my nose. The directions said to use one pot-full per side but I couldn't stick it out that long. My arm got tired and I was tired of standing with my head leaning over the sink.

My favorite part about this process (not really) is the light "farmers blow" you have to do afterwards. The directions didn't say "farmers blow" but that's exactly what it is. You have to lightly blow the solution out of your nose into the sink. And then you can blow the rest into the tissue. I'm not sure it matters if you use a tissue first or not, but what comes out is quite watery and would probably dissolve your tissue. After that, it's on to the next nostril. Follow the same directions for the other side.

Now I have to say, this was not the most comfortable process I've ever experienced, and it was certainly NOT my most beautiful moment, but afterwards, I felt great! Not only could I breathe, but I felt refreshed. It was a strange sensation. I can't really explain it with words. The stuffiness in my head did come back after a while, but the Neti Pot is not a miracle worker, it's a process. So I woke up this morning and did it all over again and will probably do it more over the course of the day. So all in all, it was a messy, but good experience.

Two things I would suggest NOT doing are:

1. Do not do this on a date because you think it would be fun to experience together. This is a "one-person-at-a-time-alone-in-a-bathroom" type of deal.

2. Do not do this when you have your hair and makeup all pretty. Your eyes can water, snot dripping everywhere, maybe some drooling. In fact, those are the exact reasons NOT to do this on a date as well. You almost feel like you need a good face washing or shower afterwards. Just keep those moments to yourself.

Below is a picture of the Neti Pot I purchased.

I would probably not get this kind again.

I'd probably get one more like this:

I don't think this one would be such a "gorilla finger". But I'm not sure. If anyone has any Neti Pot stories or suggestions, feel free to comment.

Now, I know I said I wouldn't post my pictures, I didn't say I wouldn't post other photos I found on the internet. While I was browsing for pictures of the Neti Pots, I found pictures of these brave souls. Please note: none of these pictures are me. And while these pictures look like nice, flowing water coming out of their nostrils, that is not always the case. Particularly when you have a head full of snot. In that situation, it looks NOTHING like the streams of water you see in these pics.


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  1. GROSS pictures!!! And thanks for the warning...I was seriously considering doing this for a date with my husband! HAHAHA!!



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